Posted by: kellywoodroffe | 11/05/2018

Things to Remember

As the weekend draws near, here are a few things to remember:

1. As it looks like we’ll be getting some rainy showers in the afternoon, appropriate footwear and clothing would be wise. However, if you do decide to wear your stiletto’s and you get them stuck in the mud, you will at least provide a good laugh for anybody that spots you. Bring a brolly!


no dog.jpg

2. Please don’t bring your dog! Who doesn’t love dogs?! BUT we hold the Beer Festival on the Recreation Ground where kids and adults alike play sports and have lots of fun, so unfortunately dogs are not allowed. Please don’t bring them.

3. There will be some seating (and marquees for shelter) provided but it is always a good idea to bring some of your own camping chairs or blankets (weather permitting).

4. Please be careful with the new play equipment as the evening progresses. It’s taken a few years of Festivals to get the Zipwire and Gym equipment (pictured) and it would be great if they don’t get broken after a couple of months. Suggestions for what we save up for next are always welcome

5. There is free parking off Lower Road. Cars can be left there over night but the owner kindly asks that you collect it ASAP in the morning.

See you all soon

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