Posted by: kellywoodroffe | 29/04/2018

Beer List and Band News 2018

Are you feeling blue on this delightfully cool and breezy Sunday? Do you have those post Sunday-dinner, “argh it’s Monday tomorrow” feelings? Well have no fear, our beer list is here!!

Subject to delivery this is what we have for you:

  1. Abbeydale, Salvation 4.9%
  2. Adnams, Mosaic 4.1%
  3. Bedlam, porter 5.0%
  4. Black Sheep, Baa Baa 4%
  5. Blue Monkey, Funky Gibbon 4.1%
  6. Boss, Brave 5.5%
  7. Castle Rosk, Preservation 4.4%
  8. Dancing Duck, Back, Sacks and Quack 4.2%
  9. Dark Star, Hophead 3.8%
  10. Dark Star, Revalations 5.7%
  11. Fullers, Sea Farer 3.6%
  12. Fyne Ales, Vital Sport 4.4%
  13. Moles, Rucking Mole 4.8%
  14. Oakham, Citra 4.2%
  15. Pennine, Hair of the Dog 3.9%
  16. Skinners, Cornish knocker 4.5%
  17. St Austell, HSD 5%
  18. Taylors, Boltmaker 4%
  19. Thornbridge, Lord Marples 4%
  20. Three Daggers, Edge 4.7%
  21. Tiny Rebel, Clutch 4.6%

We are also working on confirming cider orders and hopefully a “real lager.”

In Band News we have confirmed that Sabertooth Timmy will be playing our evening slot.

That’s all for now

13 days to go

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