Posted by: Bernie Hough | 11/05/2016

2016 Cider List – with a Sweet Surprise!!!

combined cider

Pickled Pig Ciders

Porker’s Snout 6.5%
Old Spot 6.5%
Sweet Little Pig 6.5%
Oak Cask 6.5%
Apples & Pears 6%

Spinney Abbey Cider

Monk & Disorderly 5.6% – Awardwinning Medium Sweet
Virgin on the Ridiculous 5.6% – Medium Dry
Nun Beehaving Badly 5.6% – Brand New & Sweetened with Honey

Nun Beehaving Badly was launched just 2 months ago, on 18 March 2016, at a party at the Five Miles from Anywhere No Hurry Inn. Feel free to read the article featured in Ely-News here.

Which of these have you got your eye on?

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  1. […] 2016 Cider List – with a Sweet Surprise!!! […]


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