Posted by: kellywoodroffe | 22/05/2015

What a Day! Wicken Beer Festival 2015.

Wicken Beer Festival 2015 Photos

Wicken Beer Festival 2015 Photos

What can we say? Saturday was amazing and far exceeded our expectations. It was our best festival yet, both with funds raised (more in a bit) and fun had. In fact, you were a very thirsty and hungry lot and managed to drink the last drop of beer, cider and wine. The burgers and hotdogs also sold out completely.

That is:

22 barrels of beer
24 barrels of Cider
24 bottles of wine
450 burgers and
348 sausages (we managed to drop 2)

Plus all the soft drinks and crisps.
We hope your heads didn’t feel too bad on Sunday morning, although we’re not too optimistic there.

We heard so many lovely comments from people about the variety of beer, the quality and general yumminess of the cider – especially the Toffee Apple (I agree there) – and the bands. As always it was great to see loads of local people and lots of new faces out soaking up some sun and having fun. It was especially lovely to see lots of children enjoying the facilities we work hard for.


Thank you to both the bands who played on the night. Tristan and AJ kicked us off with an acoustic set playing throughout the sunny afternoon. We listened to The 142’s Band play whilst the sun went down and you just kept on drinking.


Thank you to everyone that came out to support us. We managed to take around £10.592 on the night which is a record for us. When we have word of what our profits are we will let you know.

Up on our Facebook page you can now find Alan Gamble’s photos from Saturday night. As always we’re very grateful to Alan for being our officially unofficial photographer. Have a look by clicking HERE.

Some of our own photos can be found on Facebook or Google+.

If you see yourself and want to Tag the picture please do. It’s nice to put names to faces.

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