Posted by: Bernie Hough | 01/01/2015

Wicken Beer Festival 2015

Happy-New-Years-2015-Banners-3Happy New Year to You, and especially those of you who supported the Wicken Beer Festival in 2014 and in the previous years.

There are only 4 months until we all come together and enjoy another fabulous event in May with lots to drink and eat. Not forgetting about the music and, touch wood, some beautiful weather.

PLEASE do us a massive favour and invite your local friends so we can make the 2015 event even bigger and louder. You can do this in a few different ways:
Invite your friends to the 2015 event by clicking on Facebook, and don’t forget to like our page if you have not already done so. facebook-event-button

We will keep you up to date as usual with our Beer List etc. as soon as we can. To make sure you get our updates, subscribe to our News and updates by adding your details into the box on the top right under our site stats.

We look forward to seeing you and your friends at our next event.

Have a lovely 2015


Wicken Beer Festival 2015

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