Posted by: kellywoodroffe | 28/05/2014

An Old Newspaper Article

I hope you have had a nice bank holiday weekend and the rain hasn’t stopped you from having fun.  I have finally got round to taking this newspaper article off my pin board and posting it up here.  I think it was from the 2012 Beer Festival.   Have a look: Cambridge-news 2012 article

I do love the T shirt worn by Stephen in the article and you can also see 2 of our main Organisers – Liz Houghton and Susan Woodroffe (my mum!).  If you see us next year behind the bar you’ll know who we are and can say hello.

It has always been lovely to feature in the local newspapers over the years and with the increasing popularity of social media we are much better able to keep everyone informed of what is going on.  We hope you enjoy reading the taster notes before the festival starts and we always endeavour to give them to you before we kick off.  This should allow you all time to peruse them for your drinking pleasures.  If there are any beers that you particularly like and would like to see again let us know.  The cider comes from 2 local producers – no more than 4 miles away – so we plan to continue getting our cider supplies from them as long as they’ll have us.

We hope you have had chance to look through our photos from the night but if not click here.  Alan Gambles photos are also available by clicking here.  There’s a not so flattering picture of me at the beginning so it was nice of Alan to keep that one in!

I have my fingers crossed for some more sunshine before the end of half term but I might be pushing my luck


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