Posted by: kellywoodroffe | 14/05/2014

How’s Your Head?


We hope you have all had sufficient time to recover from all those pints of ale, lager and cider you all drank on Saturday night!  Wasn’t it a good one? The sun was shining (most of the time) and the rain stayed away (mainly) and even the chilly wind didn’t put you off from coming down and having a great night.  It is always such fun to serve you all, soak up the friendly atmosphere and catch up with people who we may only see on this night of the year.  We’re even developing regulars!  Those people who, over the years, have kept on coming back for more, despite the sometimes miserable weather!

Learning to Fly, who were performing at the Beer Festival for the first time, went down a treat.  Gravel Road were also on form and we took a break from serving to have a good old boogie and let our hair down a bit.  There was an impromptu acoustic performance from a young lad called Josh once the main band had finished.  He entertained you all until gone midnight when we had to clear up and chuck you out so we could go home and rest our sore and achy feet.

The beers sold quickly with Farne Island and the Flirtatious Ungulate being popoular.  The Monk and Disorderly was also a favourite and who could forget the Sweet Little Pig?  What was your favourite?  Is there anything you’d like to see again next year?

Our local neighborhood photographer, Alan Gamble, was out and about capturing moments in time throughout the evening.  There are some really lovely photo’s, so if you haven’t seen them already click here.  Have you had a look at the photos we took?  Check out our album on Facebook by clicking  HERE.  Please feel free to tag yourselves and your friends (if it’s ok with them).

We also got various mentions in the press, including the Ely Standard and Ely Weekly News.  I think we can safely say that we are famous!

The night was a huge success and we took over £7500 from both the BBQ and the ticket sales.  Roughly, this translates into £3000 to go towards the Recreation Ground Fund.  We’ll update you with the exact figures when we have them.  The Committee have been looking into new play equipment and it is very expensive.  One idea was to create a mound of earth, put a tunnel through it and have a slide on the top.  A simple idea but it could be very effective.  What do you think?  Do you have any suggestions for what we could do with or add to the Recreation Ground?

It is probably a good time to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped organise the event, erect the marques and who volunteered their time on the night to help run the bar and BBQ.  We really couldn’t do it without you so, Thank You.

My personal highlights from the evening include a random game of “Rock, Paper, Scissors”, a good boogie whilst watching a little girl zoom around with her mum and dad, seeing old friends, and my new bright green Monk and Disorderly hoodie.  Oh, and lots of laughs with fantastic people along the way.  What more could we ask for?


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