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Tasting Notes 2014


Abbeydale – Absolution  ABV 5.3%

A fruity pale ale, deceptively drinkable for its strength.  Sweetish but not cloying.

Bartrams – Little Porter ABV 4.0%

This ruby-coloured brew is a new developed for Wicken Beer Festival and is what happens when you ask a brewer for something a bit different…..!

Bartrams – The Flirtatious Ungulate  ABV 5.5%

Like an American IPA, heavy hops, ruby beer.  Only 2 dozen barrels made a year.

Blue Monkey – BG Sips ABV 4.0%

Pale golden hoppy beer, brewed mainly with Brewer’s Gold hops.  Very fruity and bitter.

Burton Bridge – Bridge Bitter ABV 4.2%

Gentle aroma of malt and fruit.  Good balanced start finishing with a robust hop mouthfeel.

Daleside –  Old Leg Over ABV 4.1%

Well-balanced mid brown beer that leads to an equally well-balanced fruity, bitter after-taste.

Elland – Nettlethrasher ABV 4.4%

Grainy amber-coloured beer.  A rounded nose with some fragrant hops notes followed by a mellow nutty and fruity taste and a dry finish

Fox – Red Knocker  ABV 4.2%

Copper coloured and malty.

Grafters – Wobble Gob  ABV 4.9%

A deep ruby-coloured beer.  A blend of hops gives this beer a slightly floral and roasted taste.

Hadrian and Border – Farne Island ABV 4.0%

A copper-coloured bitter with a refreshing malt/hop balance.

Holdens – Black Country Mild ABV 3.7%

A medium-bodies, golden ale; a light well-balanced bitter with a subtle, dry, hoppy finish.

Iceni – Real Lager ABV 5.0%

Very, very good.  A traditionally brewed ‘real’ lager. Enough flavour for lager and beer drinkers alike.

Iceni – Pilgrim ABV 4.2%

Straw golden beer with Cascade hops.

Kelham Island – Riders on the storm ABV 4.5%

A robust golden pale ale with both berry and slight roasted notes.

Ossett – Silver King ABV 4.3%

A lager-style beer with a crisp, dry flavour and a citrus fruity aroma.

Redwell – Redwell Pale Ale ABV 4.0%

A refreshing modern pale ale with an amazing amount of flavour.  Satsuma and stone fruits balance malts, leaving a pleasing bitter orange finish and a lovely sweetness.

S&P – Eve’s Drop Bitter ABV 4.3%

A good old-fashioned thirst quenching English bitter.  Locally grown Pale and Crystal malts result in a full malty palate. The fruity aroma and slightly peppery mouth feel give way to a satisfyingly lingering hint of sweetness.

Wolf – Granny wouldn’t like it  ABV 5.0%

Red-brown with a pronounced malty bouquet.  Bitterness increases throughout but is softened by a smoky malt background.  Some roast notes and a gentle, fruity sweetness.


Pickled Pig – Porker’s Snout ABV 6.5%

An enticing aroma and a refreshing, light taste. Natural flavours and aromas give a rich appley cider for both beginners and seasoned cider drinkers to enjoy.

Pickled Pig – Sweet Little Pig ABV 6.8%

A fruity sweet cider with a full flavour of whole apples provided by a high proportion of Cox apples in the blend.

Pickled Pig – Old Spot ABV 6.8%

A sweet cider with a dry aftertaste, friendly on the nose. An excellent session cider, made using three varieties of apple all grown in the Fenlands.

Pickled Pig – Bourbon Whisky Cask ABV 6.5%

A medium cider fermented and aged in freshly emptied American bourbon barrels to give a fragrant smooth cider with a hint of sweet whisky and vanilla.

Pickled Pig – Nickerfella Perry  ABV 6.0%

Made using a blend of dessert and Perry pears, this is a lovely fruity and smooth medium sweet Perry.  It has a zingy finish of pear drop sweets.

Pickled Pig – Ida Red ABV 6.5%

A single variety cider with a crisp clean taste.  Easy to drink – don’t forget it’s alcoholic!

Spinney Abbey – Virgin on the Ridiculous ABV 5.9%

Medium dry.  What more can you say!!

Spinney Abbey – Monk & Disorderly ABV 5.9%

This winner of CAMRA Cider of the Festival at Norwich 2013 is crisp, easy drinking and sweet


Iceni – Snowdrop ABV 4.1%

Our Spring ale. Fresh and crisp beer made with American Cascade hops

Elveden – Elveden Ale ABV 5.2%

Based on an old recipe for ale dating from the 1700s, the addition of Black Strap molasses gives this amber beer a rich body and earthy flavour that builds up the malty character.

Fox – Heacham Gold ABV 3.9%

A gentle beer with light citrus airs.  A low but increasing bitterness is the major flavour as some initial sweet hoppiness quickly declines.

Wolf – Straw Dog ABV 4.5%

A delicately flavoured brew with a fruity nuance.  An aroma reminiscent of redcurrants gives way to a low key marmalade and hop beginning.  A stronger finish with increasing bitterness.

The selection described above was correct at the time of writing. Any changes after printing will be posted around the beer tent

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