Posted by: kellywoodroffe | 07/05/2014

Cider? Yes Please!

Just a quickie to let you all know what ciders, and a few more beers, you can look forward to sampling at the weekend.

At the moment we have had confirmation on

Pickled Pig

  • Porkers snout 6.5%
  • Old spot 6.5%
  • Bourbon cask 6.5%
  • Sweet little pig 6.0%
  • Nickerfella Perry 6.0%

Spinney Abbey Cider

  • Monk and Disorderly 5.9%, which won Camra Cider of the Festival at Norwich 2013 and is sweet and easy to drink
  • Virgin on the Ridiculous (NEW) medium/dry 5.9 %

We’ve also had confirmation on the following beers which can be added to the list we provided you with last week

  • Iceni, Real Lager 5.0%
  • Iceni, Pilgrim 4.2% Straw golden beer with Cascade Hops
  • Wolf, Granny Wouldn’t Like It (Dark)
  • Wolf, Straw Dog 4.5%
  • S& P Brewery, First Light 4.1% (new)
  • S & P Brewery, Eve’s Drop 4.3%
  • Fox Brewery, Heacham Gold .8%
  • Fox Brewery, Grizzly 4.8%
  • Bartrams, The Flirtatious Ungulate 5.2%
  • Bartrams, Little Porter 4.0 (Dark)

The weather for Saturday isn’t looking brilliant. The Festival takes place on the Recreation Ground and can get muddy when wet (surprising huh?!) so please come prepared. We do have 2 marques to provide some cover and plenty of seating so it’s definitely not all doom and gloom!

Come rain or shine we will be there to provide you with a nice refreshing pint and a burger or hotdog to wash it down.

So come on over and help support our cause.

See you there

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