Posted by: Bernie Hough | 10/05/2013

Beers and Ciders at Wicken Beer Festival 2013

Wicken Beer Festival 2013So we finally have a completed list of beers and ciders that will be available for your drinking pleasure at the Wicken Beer Festival 2013.  We have some unusual ones to try this year as our usual supplier sadly went out of business.  And, as usual, there are some very interesting names.

Here we go….

Beers Available:

From the Iceni Brewery: – Visit their website
Iceni Real Lager 5%
Old Cannon Best Bitter 3.8%
Old Cannon The Gunners Daughter 5.5%
Front Street Firefly 3.8%
Front Street Bingham Cheer 3.8%
Felstar Summerlight 3.8%
Felstar Witchcraft 4.4%
Breakmere Nectar 4.5%
Milestone Loxley 4.4%
Fox Brewery Grizzly 4.8%
Fox Brewery Red Knocker 3.9%
Barnet Porter 4.5%

From Small Beer Ltd:visit their website
Atlas Latitude 3.6%
Bradford Farmers Blonde 4%
Cairngorm Black Gold 4.4%
Elland Bargee 3.8%
St Austell Proper Job 4.5%
Leeds Midnight Bell 4.8%
High House Farm Nel’s Best 4.2%
Orkney Raven Ale 3.8%
Purple Moose Glaslyn 4.2%
Triple FFF Pressed Rat and Warthog 3.8%
Church End What the Fox’s Hat 4.2%

As always we have a fantastic selection of ciders.  In fact, there are more than ever!Monk & Disorderly

Pickled Pig: – visit their website
Porkers Snout
Old Spot
Rum Cask
Sweet Little Pig
Bourbon Whisky Cask (new)
Cox single variety (new)
Devon Heaven (new)

Spinney Abbey: – visit their website
Monk & Disorderly

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